Three Months Left!


We have almost hit the home-run stretch. Phew. I’m ready to go home and be with my friends and family for the time being.

Yesterday while I was talking on the phone my mom got into a car accident. Someone pulled out in front of her and she hit them. No one is hurt, everyone is ok. The car is, on the other hand, not ok. The airbag deployed and the horns blew. I was extremely scared and nervous. While on the phone my mom quickly said that she had to go and all I heard was horns blaring. She called back about 30 seconds later, crying, telling me to call dad and that she had been in an accident and told me kind where she was at. I was scared. I’m glad she is ok and no one got hurt in the ordeal- but it was just very scary for me, and I’m sure for her.

On Friday (4/11) Corey and I went home to visit. My mom had been asking if we could come home and Friday/Saturday seemed to work for us. My mom, Charlee, Corey, Adalynn, and I went to Perkins for breakfast Saturday. After Perkins we stopped at How Quaint. They have adorable things! It’s full of antiques and some handmade items. My mom found some things for her house for a wall she is putting together with silver platters and plates. It will look great when she’s done! After that Corey headed to visit with his mom and Charlee, my mom, and I went shopping to get new swim suits at Kohl’s. (Thanks mom for the new, cute swim suit.) After getting those we headed to The Y to workout. I had so much fun that when Corey and I move back we will be getting a membership! Maybe I can get a VERY part-time job there (or work in their early learning center) so I can get free membership. We will see what happens. After working out we headed back home to pick up Becca and went for a “spa day.” We got medis and pedis. It was so nice to be pampered. I got two shades of purple on my nails- a dark purple on my toes and light purple on my fingers. After our spa day we went shopping to get some last minute Easter basket stuff. On the way home we picked up pizza and had that for dinner, then Corey and I were headed back to Pelican.


ImageImageOver the last week we did not do a whole lot- we spent a lot of time outside while the weather was nice. Since Sunday it has been very cold! Back to winter. Spring just gave us a tease. I am hoping by Sunday the weather will be warm again. We will see what God decides to through at us I guess.







Last weekend (04/05/14) Corey and I decided to go to Bemidji to explore. Originally we were going to go to Itasca State Park but we figured it was going to be extremely muddy with all the melting so we kept on going straight to Bemidji. We took a walk around town and explored statues of Babe and Paul Bunyan.







Well, not much to write about so until next time!

Talks of the Past


I had a blast visiting home! I was disappointed to head back to Pelican Rapids on Saturday night.

We did a lot while we were home though… It was exhausting but fun.

We arrived Thursday night around 8:30 on the dot. During the drive we made a few pit-stops. We stopped in Fergus Falls for dinner, which is only about an hour from Pelican Rapids. We stopped for a potty break and stretch break. My back gets so sore sitting for too long. Of course my back was really bugging me Thursday. One of our last stops was to Albertville Outlets. Corey and I both got new running shoes. We have started changing our lifestyle and added running into our routines. I probably complain too much about running, but soon enough my body will no longer hurt, I hope. I’m ready to start running on grass instead of blacktop, I think that will help with shin splints, etc. Once we arrived at home Ella and Buddy began playing immediately. They really love each other (a little too much from what my mom told me). Shortly after we got home Corey and I went down to my grandma’s apartment to visit with my aunt and uncle visiting from Alabama. (They left early Friday morning so I’m glad we went home when we did.) It is always such a blessing to spend time with my Uncle Barry and Aunt Tammy. While we were chatting Barry pulled out some scrapbooks of my grandpa’s from when he was around. During his visit here Barry had pulled those out (none of them anyone has seen besides my grandma). It was so fun to go through those with Barry, my mom, grandma, and Corey. Those moments are some I will NEVER forget! We giggled, laughed and smiled all night. It was incredible to see my grandma’s smile as she talked about some of the things and looked at pictures from the past. I took some pictures of some of the things in the scrapbooks. I wish that I would have taken more pictures but I would have just have had too many. I limited it to four.


This is a ticket to a Wisconsin Badgers vs. Minnesota Gophers Football Game on November 19, 1949.
The ticket was only $3.50! It’s a little bit different now…


This is my grandpa’s High School Graduation program. Unfortunately the picture I took is blurry.
He graduated from Mentor, MN high school.


This is my grandpa’s passing driver’s test. He did fail the first time he took it.


Here is my beautiful grandma. I wish I could remember when this was taken and how old she was. I think it is probably in high school.

I also got to see miss Adalynn too. I love that girl!


Alright, that’s it for my Thursday adventure.

We started our Friday morning with a nice run on FLAT surfaces. It was really nice to run on a flat surface versus our hilly surface. After our run we stopped in and talked to Barry and Tammy before they headed out. Later we headed to MOA after we had breakfast at Panera and coffee at Caribou. Good way to start the day! At MOA we made our first stop at the Apple Store. Corey had to get his battery replaced on his MacBook Pro and I got a BRAND new MacBook Air. So far it is working perfectly for what I need (and it saved us a few hundred dollars versus the MacBook Pro). All I do on my computer is  store pictures, update my blog, check emails, Facebook and Pinterest, and work on job applying stuff (resumes, cover letters, etc.). The new laptop is also very light, it’s nice! We shopped for a little while longer, of course. I miss shopping at MOA. After shopping we made a pit stop for lunch and then headed off to Luther Seminary. I loved driving around the area and seeing St. Paul area again. That area around Luther Seminary is by far my favorite place to be ever- I love the area, it has so much character. Corey needed to drop off some paper work at the seminary (and since we were going to be in town it was just easier). Last time we mailed something they lost it in the system somewhere! After all our running around and getting all our errands done we were off to Ann’s. She was working from home Friday (sorry for distracting you while you were working). While she was working Corey and I were setting up my new computer. We stayed at Ann’s Friday night to celebrate some birthdays. Ann’s on January 5th, Kayla’s on February 14th, and Corey’s on February 20th. It was nice to get together with everyone, it’s not often Corey and Kayla can BOTH be around with both of our crazy schedules. Dawn and Elaine (Corey’s aunt and grandma) joined us for dinner too! Donald (Corey’s grandpa) got struck with the flu unfortunately. We missed not being able to see him. Without him Corey is very out numbered! Five girls to one boy.

Phew, that’s it for Friday.

Saturday morning we woke up and got ready to head back to Shakopee. Ann made us some eggs and sausage for breakfast (thanks, it was yummy). We also spent some time just hanging out and talking over coffee. I had to get home so my mom and I could go get our hair done. I got home a little early so my mom and I had time to go to lunch! We went to Buca di Beppo for lunch. While we were having girl time Corey went to Canterbury (something he really enjoys to do). After lunch my mom and I headed to Ambiance Spa & Salon in Burnsville. Ask for Amber Saulsbury and let her know Colleen Loerzel referred you. You will get a first time guest discount as well as my mom will get a discount on her next visit. Amber did a great job! Not only does she cut but she styles after the trim is done. So, I got a wash, cut, and style! It was amazing. The treatment there was superb. I usually just go to Great Clips because it’s quick and cheap- but you do get what you pay for! My experience at Ambiance was well worth it and I will be going back again when I’m in town.



After getting the spa treatment Corey and I had a decision to make. Do we stay for dinner and go to Chick-Fil-A with my parents and Patty and Terry Larson (longgggggg time family friends, more like my aunt and uncle) or do we head back to Pelican Rapids. Corey said it was ok to stay for dinner, I was glad because it had been a very long time since I had seen them (and the longer I got at home the better). So, we had dinner with everyone and left for Pelican Rapids around 6:00. We got home a little after 9:30.

On another note. My cousin LeAnn gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Saturday, March 15th at 7:25pm. I’m am so proud of my cousin and cannot wait to meet her little man. He is adorable! I love him so much already. My cousin has such a special place in my heart and now so does her son. Love you both!

Overall the trip home was really memorable although there were a lot of people I didn’t get to see and a lot of things I didn’t get to do. Hang out with miss Adalynn more, see Lisa, Steve and Samuel, see Haley and Brandy, go to the Zoo and do more shopping plus lots of other things that I could continue to list off. Next time we visit home we will have to carve out more time to visit with more people and do more things (hopefully).

This past week has been pretty relaxing. Corey and I have been playing a lot of Hand-and-Foot together (of course I’m winning all of the games). On Thursday night I started getting sick with a nasty cold. On Friday morning I woke up to heavy snow. My boss texted me and told me to just come in late because the roads were pretty slick. I went into work around 10:15 Friday but was really not feeling well. I’m glad it was Friday and that I had a shorter day. All day Saturday and Sunday I felt pretty sick. Today was a teacher in-service day so I had no school. It was nice to just relax. My head is feeling a little better but I’m still really stuffed up and have a nasty nasty cough. No more headache, no more sore throat… So I think I’m on the mend!

This coming week is going to be a little busier. Tomorrow night is dining out at The Pelican in Pelican Rapids. (How original of a name, right?) Wednesday is Lent services. We have a soup dinner before the service. Corey preaches on Sunday. Right now Corey is at church meeting with a couple that is getting married (I’m not sure when). Corey will be helping out with their ceremony, it will be his first wedding.

Well, I guess that is it for now. Nothing too exciting to come- we will just be a little busier which is a good thing.

Until next time!

Future “Planning”


Let’s see… What have we been up to lately… Not a whole lot. With the combination of cold and being in the middle of nowhere we have been doing a lot of “trying” to entertain ourselves. Playing games, watching movies, etc. I’ve taken a lot of hot baths (just to warm myself up).

Last weekend my mom, dad, Savanna, and Buddy came to visit. It was nice to have them here. I sure do miss them. I realized how much I miss my cousin’s four kids as well: Damon, Savanna, Lilly, and Amber. I haven’t seen them in a while. It was fun to have a kid around again! We played a lot of hand-and-foot, celebrated Corey’s (belated) birthday, went shopping, and went to church. They got to hear Corey preach (I believe my dad and Savanna for the first time) and listen to his forum from his Israel trip last January. I only have a couple pictures of the weekend, but I will show them off anyways.


Ella and Buddy sure love playing with each other.


Savanna being adorable in front of the fountain at the mall.


Ella loves spending time with her grandma (sorry it’s not that flattering of a picture mom).


The babies and I.

Now, to talk about the forum Corey did at church. Last Sunday (March 2, 2014) Corey talked about the places he visited in Israel. He did a great job during his presentation (although I was a little bored). People seemed to be pretty intrigued at what he was telling them and asked a lot of questions. The weekend before (the last Sunday of February) Corey talked about the political tension and history of Israel and the area. Again, people seemed very interested to learn about the area where Jesus lived, taught, and gave His life for us. Corey is very fortunate to have visited such an amazing place. I know he has memories to last a lifetime from what he experienced there.

Since my last post Corey had a birthday! He is now a quarter of a century years old (that’s 25). We tried to celebrate on his birthday by going to Fargo and eat at Red Lobster but the weather was not wonderful, we went the day after instead. He celebrated his day by watching the Olympics (I think hockey was on). I gave him some Nike USA Olympics sweatpants for his birthday, of course he wore those as he was cheering on USA. After our unsuccessful trip to Red Lobster we had some cheesecake, I lit a candle even.


To get back to the title: “Future ‘Planning’”

Corey and I have been doing some thinking about what we would like to do when Corey graduates. He is going to seek a First Call position as a pastor.

That process goes a little like this (I still don’t 100% understand the process, so this is my understanding of it):
1. We pick our top three or four regions. North America’s ELCA is split into nine different regions.2. The ELCA then assigns us to a region (hopefully one from our top three/four).
3. In the middle of February of next year we will hear where our assigned region is.
4. About two weeks later the Bishop of the Synod we are assigned to gives us a call.
5. After this I’m not sure what happens. What I think is that Corey will find out open positions and start the “interview” process. (Pretty much, Corey will get a job if we are open to where God wants us. Corey said for all of ELCA churches there were about 294 openings for first call pastors and 170 pastors going for their first call. That means the ELCA is short 124 first call pastors!)

I titled this “planning” because God likes to laugh at our plans. It’s more of like our far-off wishes. Corey and I really want to keep our doors open but our hearts’ wishes are much different. We wish for a larger congregation with people our age in a larger city/town. We are also wishing for a warmer place (like the southern half of the United States). We have picked out our tentative regions we would like to be at and have done a little research on some of the congregations that are looking for pastors in that area. Although, this all may change as far as openings we are still trying to do some research on the areas and what-not. I hate this uncertainty of what we will be doing in a year and a half and where we will be. Only God knows. But, I can rest assured that God will be watching over us and our lives.

Well. That’s all the “new” info I have for today.

Next Thursday-Saturday we will be in the cities! Yay. My first time back since Christmas and I can’t wait. I miss home so much. I miss my parents, my friends, my family, my niece, the city and the traffic, the busyness of the city, and my familiar surroundings.

Until next time!

Spring is on it’s Way!


I am just going to work backwards from now until the last time I posted on what has been going on. That just seems to be the easiest at this point. It has been a pretty uneventful 2+ weeks for the most part (not that that is bad, just can get a little boring). 

I had today and yesterday off of work. President’s Day and then a Teacher Inservice day today. Today I got outside and shoveled and cleaned up after some of Ella’s mess. (Not going to go into too much detail about that.) It was BEAUTIFUL out today. Not only did we finally reach above zero but we reached above freezing. It was really refreshing to have the nice weather and sun shining! I also ran to Detroit Lakes and picked up some new brakes and rotors (spelling?) for the Civic. After work, Corey worked and that. Now we have new brakes on the car… no more grinding. It was LONG overdue! After all of that, Corey, Ella, and I went for a walk and enjoyed the nice weather. Ella LOVED running in the snow. She was crazy.  She ate plenty of snow along the way… one of her favorite things.

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Taking Care of Ella Baby


My last post was a week and a half ago. Since then we have had a lot happen around here. Last Monday was MLK day, no school. On Wednesday we had another canceled day of school due to “snowy” weather. We could have had a late start and been just fine. Today, we are having ANOTHER canceled day due to cold. I don’t see why we close school due to cold. When I think about it from a parent’s point of view I guess I can understand why. When Corey and I went grocery shopping though, all those parents that complain that we shouldn’t have school because of cold are out shopping with their kids! I’m looking forward to a full day’s week of work, that’s for sure.

Now to talk about the title. Ella has had three seizures since we have had her. She had one December 2012; December 23, 2013; and January 21, 2014. They have not been serious seizures but it sure makes me sad when she has them. After the December 23rd one we called an emergency care vet and they said that there’s really not too much to be done about it until it gets “worse,” meaning more frequent, grand mal, or she has them one after another after another. So, for now we will keep an eye on it. Since her seizure last week she has been acting a little different. We are keeping an eye on that too. The vet didn’t seem to concerned about it though. Today Ella also got her rabies and distemper shot as well as got her blood drawn to check for heart worm and other tick and mosquito born diseases. (The vet said it’s a good idea to keep an eye on that because they have a lot of blood diseases up here in the mosquitos and ticks.) Things showed up negative so we’re good there. Ella was such a trooper- she didn’t cry once during her pokes and she stayed perfectly still. I think it’s harder on her momma than it is on her. After her exam and everything was done she got off the table and wagged her tail. She was perky and happy (we were surprised, the vet said she could be sore and sleepy). Right now as I’m typing this, she is fast asleep so I guess her effects just came on a little later. We love our pooch!


This weekend I had a little girl-time. So happy to have it! My mom, Brandy, and I all met in Albertville Saturday morning. We had a hotel room booked and got to check in early. We spent Saturday getting manicures and pedicures then went shopping. We stopped for lunch around 2ish or 3ish and then ran to Target to grab some veggies to snack on as well as chocolate. We also spent some time in the hotel “hot” tub. On Sunday we went to breakfast in the hotel and then out to coffee at Caribou. I headed home around 11:00. The drive home was anything but wonderful. I guess I didn’t really expect to have it be so bad. What should be a 3 hour drive took me 4 1/2 hours. The road conditions were o.k., it was  the blowing snow that was a problem. Throughout much of the drive there were white out conditions. The pictures I took don’t really do the drive justice. Oh well, I made it home safe and sound and that’s all that matters.

IMG_0559 IMG_0560 IMG_0571

Right now at church for Corey: he’s in charge! Pastor Dale is away in Arizona. Corey preached this past week and will preach again this coming Sunday. I guess only 32 people were at the service this past Sunday (the roads were not too good). I figure, why cancel church? People who come will come, people who don’t want to venture out won’t venture out. Besides, we don’t have to drive to church, it’s just across the street! Corey is also keeping busy with his online class and preparing our taxes. How nice is he to do that?! I love him.

On our way home from the vet we saw a need for a photo opportunity. Here’s a picture of ALL the snow we have gotten so far this winter:

IMG_0575 IMG_0576

Just kidding! It’s just a very very tall snow drift from the blizzard-like conditions we had yesterday. That drift is right outside Pelican Rapids on Highway 59. Fun, huh? I think not! I’m ready for nice weather!

Well, that’s it for now! Have a great day.

Weather Extremes


Snow Day Today! This is my third snow day, and it is the second snow day for the district. The wind is blowing and we are in a Blizzard Warning (but it’s not even snowing)! I wish I were at work, oh well. I guess better to be safe than sorry.

Our weather has been so crazy the last few weeks. Last week we started with very cold temperatures, by the end of the week we were in the upper 20′s to mid 30′s. I loved that weather, so did Ella. She had been getting very stir crazy! We took her for as many walks as we could get in. Those seemed to help with her pacing and antsy body.

Here’s a picture from the walk:

On Sunday we decided to venture up to Itasca State Park while the weather was good. It was about 38 degrees out! Ella loved it and so did we. It was nice to get out hiking and walking around the park again. The last time we went up there was in October with my parents. We walked on two paths. One that overlooked Lake Itasca and another that brought us to the mouth of the Mississippi River.

ImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Other than all this up and down weather patterns we have not had much going on. Corey hasn’t had anything too exciting going on other than the normal rind-and-grind of working in the church. This past Monday though, he did begin a new series at the Monday night bible studies for men and women. In a week Corey will be left in charge while Pastor Dale is out of town visiting his brother in some place much warmer than the frozen tundra.

That’s it for this post.


Happy New Year!


The New Year is here… and boy did 2013 fly by! I cannot believe it is already January 2014. I am looking forward to what God brings this year for us: where He will take us and how He will use us. The song “Lay Me Down” by Chris Tomlin really reflects what my “New Year Resolution” is. I use resolution lightly, it’s more of a life style and how I would like to live my life. Click here for a link to the song, it really is awesome. I first heard it at Wooddale (maybe) with my mom and dad, then Corey got the cd with the song on it.

Here’s a recap from 2013 (which I also posted in my last blog):

  • January 2nd- Corey took the trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land
  • January 19th- Our beloved family member, Jay, passed away of a sudden massive heart attack. We miss him so much but are reassured in his faith that he is dancing with Jesus.
  • February- We celebrated Corey and Kayla’s birthday.
  • March- We joined in the celebration of Aaron and Melodie Staehnke’s wedding.
  • March-April- We were in wedding mode with showers and parties.
  • April 26th- Wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I was running very late and felt terribly, thanks everyone for waiting. Dinner was amazing, thanks Ann.
  • April 27th- Corey and I got married!
  • April 28th- We celebrated the wedding with a brunch, gift opening, and being with friends and family. We all got sunburnt but enjoyed every minute of it. I cannot thank everyone enough for all of their love, help, and encouragement. Thanks Ann for hosting, Thanks Kayla for keeping track of our gifts, Thanks Joni for helping with food. I wish I could name everyone! Our wedding was perfect!
  • May 4th (I believe)- Kayla graduated with HIGH honors from St. Kate’s!
  • June 6-15th- Corey and I went on our honeymoon. We took a road trip to Florida making many pit stops along the way.
  • June 20th- My newest neice, Sparrow, was born.
  • July 5-7th- We took our first visit to Pelican Rapids while camping at our favorite place to hike now, Maplewood State Park. We toured the town a little, visited and toured the church and parsonage we stay in, and went to church Sunday morning.
  • July 28th- we moved to Pelican Rapids and will be here through the end of July of 2014.
  • August- I scheduled a lot of interviews and accepted a position as a Paraprofessional in the Detroit Lakes Middle School (which is about a 20 minute drive from our house).
  • September 3rd- I started working!
  • September 30th- Kris Tanner, a great friend, brother, and son passed away suddenly. Kris Tanner had faith that could literally move mountains if he wanted to. God used him in incredible ways at such a young age. He died at the age of 23 and would have turned 24 October 12th, two weeks after his death. Read my post to read more about him.
  • November 28th-20th- We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families (I wish the time moved slower, it always goes TOO fast).
  • December 25th-27th we celebrated Christmas with our families.

To bring in the New Year Corey, Ann, Diane, Kevin, Josh, Nick, Nick’s girlfriend and her family, Diane’s mom, and I celebrated together. We watched Nick play some hockey (sorry no pictures), then we went to the hotel bar to celebrate the New Year. In the morning Corey and I headed back to Pelican Rapids. First we picked up Ella in Shakopee and played a quick game of Hand-and-Foot with my mom and Becca. Then we were off! Ella had a lot of fun playing with my mom’s dog, Buddy. They seemed to really love each other.


Christmas day we celebrated with my mom, dad, Becca, Amos, and Adalynn. (Brandy joined us for a little bit too!) We started right away with opening gifts. Adalynn had a blast! She sat on my lap to open one of her gifts where I taught her to open it. She ripped and laughed. It was such a good memory. 


After celebrating with just the instant family my uncle bruce and his family joined. They added a very large dynamic change to our Christmas celebration. Oh well.

On the 26th Corey and I started by watching Miss. Adalynn Belle. Man, I love that girl. We took her out to lunch with my mom and then to Target. After all the running around Adalynn took a nap. She got lots of snuggle time with Auntie Em and Uncle Corey (but wasn’t so sure about Corey at first). Corey really loved the cuddling, so did I, but Corey doesn’t really get kid cuddles as often as I do.


Later that evening, on the 26th, Corey and I went to Phantom of the Opera. It was AMAZING! Corey’s grandparents got the tickets for all of us: Ann, Kayla, Dawn, Corey and I. I was so appreciative. It is an awesome tradition and a very fun tradition. It gives us some time together as a family which is fun.


On the 27th we did the normal Christmas Eve tradition of the Lange’s. We ate dinner: Swedish Meatball (homemade). We had a candle lighting remembrance time. Then we ate desert: homemade goods, ice cream, and coffee. After that we open gifts- we were there until 1:30. (It was a very late, but fun night.) It was a challenging time for everyone, but a good time for everyone. We all missed Jay a lot. I really appreciate the tradition of lighting candles in remembrance of all the loved ones who have died. It’s a great opportunity to remember friends and family.

Corey left the next day. He dropped me off at my mom and dad’s until Tuesday. He had to be back for church the next day- it was his turn to preach. While I was home I went to dinner with Haley and Olive Garden (yum, yum). I always have fun with Haley! I also had a sleepover with Brandy. We just watched movies, which sounds lame, but really it was so nice to just relax. It was also nice to hang out with just Brandy. Usually the only time we get together is with family and friends… so it was nice for a change to get quality time with each other. I miss both those girls a LOT!

On Tuesday we went to Austin for New Year’s Eve. See above to see our crazy time.

Thursday and Friday I had to be back for work (January 2nd and 3rd). Monday school is canceled for us per the Governor of Minnesota. So weird that school is canceled because of the cold! At least it gives me time to clean and relax. I also left work early yesterday because of slick roads (my boss told me to go home- she didn’t want me to have bad roads to drive on).

That’s it for now! Until next time.