As many/most of you already know, Corey and I are expecting a baby!


We are overjoyed and excited. Along with those emotions, as I can’t really speak for Corey, I am feeling so incredibly blessed by this baby. This baby will truly be a gift from God. I understand God is giving us this child on loan to raise and teach His ways to I am so excited for this adventure.

We have had a few doctors appointments by now and everyone gets more and more exciting! It’s so fun to hear the heartbeat at each appointment.

Not only are we feeling beyond blessed due to this baby, but baby is also being incredibly blessed already! It is so loved already and it hasn’t even made it’s grand appearance (which will be around Valentine’s Day 2016). Baby Lange is so loved by so many people and it makes me so happy and continues to make me feel even more blessed. It has loving grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles (biological or not), church family, and even cousins. How awesome is that? This baby has been prayed for before it was even being and is continued to be prayed for. And, not just by us but by so many others.

Along with the blessing of the baby and the baby’s blessings we are also feeling more blessed.

IMG_3357 IMG_3364 IMG_3355

We have been blessed with everything going on here in Arenzville, IL. We have been given a home, a church family who loves us and takes care of us (emphasis  on family), a family from distance (who we miss so much), and jobs.

When we moved into the house, June 8th, we had probably over 20 people from the church help out. It was a great example of how much this church family really loves their pastor and wants to take care of their pastor. I didn’t have to lift even one box! In fact, the helpers even put together our furniture so we would have our own bed to sleep in for the night and put our dressers back together too. Not only did the church bless us with the help of moving all our boxes inside- but they also gave us a substantial monetary gift to help us with any other things we may need for the house! With that incredible gift we were able to get a new sectional, accent chair, patio table and chair, patio swing, new dishes, and more odds and ends for the home. I just can’t say it enough… WE ARE BLESSED!

I am currently substitute teaching about 3 days a week so far- it’s still early in the school year. I have subbed everything from 1st grade to high school so I’ve had a pretty good variety.

So far, since we have been here, we have been exploring the new area!

We have discovered many Lincoln places- museum, tomb, etc.

IMG_3447 IMG_3448 IMG_3450 IMG_3692

We have had visitors 🙂 My parents, Corey’s mom, and Corey’s Aunt Dawn. Corey’s grandparents also came along for the move!

We have been to Cozy Dog in Springfield, which i have mentioned in the previous post.

We have also gone to Springfield and St. Louis Zoos. I would highly recommend St. Louis Zoo!


We have gone to Pere Marquette, a state park near Alton, IL which is near St. Louis, MO. We have enjoyed some very steep hikes up a hill to look out onto where the Mississippi and Illinois rivers meet.

IMG_3649 IMG_3648 IMG_3646 IMG_3652 IMG_3651

We have toured around down town St. Louis a LITTLE bit. We had been there before… we are just waiting for the weather to cool down some!

This past weekend we also enjoyed Burgoo. It’s a stew like thing with veggies and meat (beef) that is cooked over a 12 hour period. One of the members showed us how they make it and what they do… it is a pretty big process, that’s for sure. It looks nasty but tastes ok. Burgoo is a huge part of this community and it really brings the whole community together. Friday and Saturday evenings they bring in entertainment, throughout the day Saturday they have talent shows and other events, they have bingo, food vendors (on top of Burgoo), and a kids carnival.

IMG_3704 IMG_3705

Well, I think this pretty much covers a lot of what’s been going on in a quick snip-it of words and pictures. We are excited and looking forward to what more is to come and more announcements on Baby Lange will also be coming in the near future.

Again, we are feeling so blessed with all that God has gifted and provided for us as well as how He is taking care of everything and we continue to practice fully relying on Him to provide for our needs.



Overdue Update!

I think that this is a way overdue update!

Corey and I have moved to Arenzville, IL. We moved Monday June 8, 2015 so we have been here about a month and a half. Small town of just over 400 people. The town has a Tavern, Gas Station, Bank, and Post Office… really that’s about it! We live outside of town, there is corn fields and soy beans fields surrounding our FIVE bedroom home! Yes, five bedrooms. With five bedrooms we have plenty of space for visitors… hint hint. The church is right across the street from our house.

Corey is a pastor of two churches technically. He pastors a church in Bluffs, IL which is about 20 minutes away from where we live. It’s an extremely extremely small church… 15 people in the congregation. Since we have moved here it has rained pretty consistently which has resulted in this church basement flooding with over half a foot of water at one point! Last week the rain finally slowed down but I still think it is raining a lot… but at least not a substantial amount to where the basement is flooding. The Illinois River is finally starting to go down (it was 28 feet deep and flood stage is 14 feet so that means it was 14 feet too much water, as of today it’s down to 23 feet which is good news).

The main church Corey works at, St. Peter’s, has beyond blessed us! The members have invited us into their homes for meals and fellowship, they have provided this amazing home, if we ever need anything they are they with the drop-of-a-pin, and we get fresh produce constantly! I have been able to freeze some corn and green beans (the green beans were from a neighbor, not a congregation member though). The community as a whole has really welcomed us. We feel so blessed to be here and consider it a great first call for Corey.

As for me, I plan to sub in the schools around here. There may be small towns but no shortage of schools. The schools around also have a shortage of subs, so I’ve been told. School for most districts starts in two weeks! Much earlier than Minnesota schools, but I am ready to start working. I just need to hurry up and get my name out now so I can start ASAP. I didn’t realize that school started so early! Since we moved here I have not been doing too much… cleaning, playing with Ella, being a bum, unpacking and organizing. Ella will definitely miss me once I start back to “work.” She’s been pretty attached and gotten very used to me being home.

Ella has seemed to adjusted pretty well to her new home. She LOVES all the space! She has a big yard and big house. She gets to be in the yard off a leash and pretty much have the freedom to roam around- but she doesn’t loose sight of her mommy or daddy ever. We even go on off leash walks… there is that little amount of traffic! She, again, loves that. She seems to like to show us the way home when we’re walking.

So far, life has really slowed down. We are adjusting o.k. to country life and learning how to live a slower paced life… it is a very big adjustment that we are taking in strides. We spend a lot of time going to Springfield to explore all the “Tourist” things… so far we have gone to Lincoln’s tomb, a Veteran Memorial, the Lincoln Museum, the State Capital Building (the original one), Springfield Zoo, explored the lake in Springfield, and went to Cozy Dogs (was on Man Vs. Food… they have really good “Cozy Dogs” or corn dogs as we know it).

Look for more updates and pictures soon! I just wanted to quick share what we have been up to and where we are.

Our Next Big Journey

I suppose I should update… it’s been quite some time. Not only have we been busy- there just frankly has not been much to update on.

I have been working at Shakopee West Junior High as a paraprofessional yet again, doing similar things to what i had been doing last year in Detroit Lakes. Although, Shakopee is a much larger program and is run very differently. The needs are basically the same. I have enjoyed my work there, mostly working with the ASD program. Those students have a very special place in my heart. I also work in an after school program for kids with low testing scores. (Honestly, it’s a glorified babysitting job. The students don’t really want to be there and are behavior problems.) In the fall I coached 7th/8th grade soccer which was a very fun, new experience. If I get the opportunity to coach again I definitely will. I would probably prefer an older crew though. We will see what God hands me as far as coaching goes.

For New Years I got to surprise my twin sister with a visit to Canada with my parents! She was totally shocked- she thought for sure I could not go! I loved seeing my niece and nephew and my sister and brother-in-law of course. I can’t believe how fast the kids are growing and learning. I wish I could see more of them.

10882237_10154995137700500_4708103160253439905_n10897130_10154998803780500_2171783438690459109_nCorey and I have also been able to spend some much needed quality time with my younger sister’s daughter. She is getting so big, and also learning so much! She will be three the end of July! She is a ball of energy and smiles.

IMG_2265 IMG_1897Corey has been able to preach once since being back in the cities at his home church in Andover. He preached all three services the Sunday after Thanksgiving and did very well.

Corey is currently working at Caribou and finishing up his LAST semester at Luther Seminary. I am incredibly proud of him and his accomplishments! He has worked very hard to get to this point as has so far done very well. He started working at Caribou once the soccer season was over this fall. In fact, he had three interviews at three different places, and was offered all three positions! How awesome is that?! Well anyways, the Caribou option really seemed the best- they offer insurance for part time employees (20 hours a week). He turned 26 in February so he needed to find some insurance starting this month. We are extremely thankful for the opportunity he has to work at Caribou and have insurance through them. He also really enjoys his job. He was quickly promoted to shift supervisor at Caribou so that keeps him even busier on the job. At school he is working on his thesis for graduation. He is writing about youth/college ministries in the church (to put it simply). May 16th and 17th is graduation week. That is coming up in 2 months! Time has certainly flown and 4 years has passed very quickly.

The next to come.

On March 5th we found out Corey was assigned to Region 5 which is Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa for his job calling. I have to honestly say we were/are very disappointed. I wanted to experience a warmer region… especially if we have to leave our families. About two weeks later we found out we will be relocated to the Central/Southern Synod in Illinois. In my words… “farmville.” Definitely heartbreaking for me. Pelican Rapids was a huge stretch for me and that was actually larger than some of the places we have availability at. I have to remember and remind myself daily that THIS IS GOD’S PLAN. It may not be mine, but I know God’s plan is much greater than mine. We are being sent to this region of America for a reason that is so much bigger than I will ever know or really ever understand.

For now, I don’t want to say too much about job opportunities for Corey… but there are job opportunities. The bishop of the synod has had conversations with Corey and given him ideas of where he sees Corey as well as where there are needs for ministry. There are many pros and cons to everything. We are hopeful God will plant us just where He wants us. We also continue to pray God will help us (mostly me) to be content with all of this overwhelming, unsettling news. Not that it is totally unsettling… but I just really didn’t see us ever going to this region. God did though. Pray that our hearts will be content and feel at ease about this decision.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord.

Now for some fun… Here’s some pictures of things going on so far since living back home. IMG_2219 IMG_2248 IMG_2424 IMG_2338 IMG_2374 IMG_2390 IMG_0013_2 IMG_0017_2 10408586_10155096187455500_7854417318633538099_n 10940580_10155096176675500_2689655620891332193_n 10330422_10155201334070500_2755237454571356278_n IMG_0024_2 IMG_0025_2 IMG_0023_2 IMG_0021_2 IMG_0011_2 IMG_0001_2 IMG_2407 IMG_2161 IMG_2156 IMG_2154 IMG_2146 IMG_1899 IMG_1874 IMG_1842 IMG_1839 IMG_1814 IMG_1811 IMG_1799 IMG_1779 IMG_1785 IMG_1512 IMG_1511 IMG_1508 IMG_1504 IMG_1510

Adjusting to Life

I suppose I should update my blog… first of all it’s been well over one month since I last posted and second of all we have had a LOT of changes in our lives.
Since I have last posted we have moved. Once again, we have been uprooted, back to “home.” This moving thing is getting really exhausting… preparing our new home, searching for jobs, and adjusting to (yet again) to life in a new home.
I am very happy to be back in the cities for the time being while Corey finishes up school. I am so incredibly grateful for my amazing parents who are letting us live in the in-law apartment on their property… what a BLESSING. We do pay rent but we get a much nicer place to live as opposed to the alternative of living back by the Seminary in the apartment we stayed in for the first three months of our marriage (since our internship the Seminary has sold those apartments so they are no longer considered campus housing).
On July 25th (the Friday of moving weekend) Corey’s mom and aunt showed up to help us move. Ann took us out to Zorbaz for one last Hoorah before we headed home. Zorbaz is a lake restaurant. They serve pizza and Mexican food. We went to the Pelican Rapids Zorbaz which has a balcony that over looks Pelican Lake.

IMG_1470 IMG_1471

Later Friday night my mom, dad, and Buddy arrived to help us move. So, Saturday we packed everything up into a U-Haul trailer, three SUVs, and one car. Sunday morning we went to Zion for church and had one last Farewell celebration. The congregation was so generous in everything they helped us with as well as all of their gifts to us. Pastor Dale made us a replica of the same nativity scene that Zion places in their church at Christmas time. It is absolutely incredible… such a work of love and craftsmanship. Pastor Dale is very talented at woodworking.
10577175_795296867158882_6463834734111961546_n 10511309_795296753825560_1837265473745885799_n 10458749_795296757158893_8950593764437481477_n 1622271_795296870492215_8802198475443429058_n

So, after all the excitement we were off right after church to head “home.”

Once home we moved everything in, it all was placed right in the living room (we still had to paint every room but the main bedroom (which we had already done prior to moving in). Every room now has a new, fresh coat of paint and looks clean. Here are some pictures of before and after now that everything is mostly set… until I decide I want it another way.
IMG_1473 IMG_1474 IMG_1475 IMG_1476 IMG_1479 IMG_1481 IMG_1483 IMG_1487 IMG_1488 IMG_1489 IMG_1494

Since being back we have been very busy. Along with painting every room we have been looking for jobs (I’ve had a few interviews and am also on the sub list for Shakopee schools), went to a wedding the first weekend we were back, got gym membership (which has been awesome… I have already lost 7 lbs in a week and a half with no diet change.. I know it’s not much but it’s definitely a start and it feels great). We have also been trying to help my mom out with the house some and visit my grandma in the hospital. She has been in the hospital for over a week now and will be going home today. Praying she stays well and continues to recover at home. Maybe she will get better sleep in her own bed then that uncomfortable bed. Corey has signed up to ref soccer and has already been assigned a handful of varsity and jv games. Now Corey is working on a candidacy paper (I’m not really 100% all the specs or anything… I try to understand and ask questions but I seem to always end up a little more confused than I was before I asked and inquired).

Next week we leave to go on vacation! I am super excited. We will be making our way to Denver with a stop at Mount Rushmore on the way there for a few nights. We will be seeing my cousin LeAnn and her beautiful little boy Finley. I love him! I can’t wait to see LeAnn either. On the way home we will be making a stop to sleep in Omaha. We are excited and ready for a restful, fun vacation before Corey starts school September 2nd.

Now, I can work my way backwards and try to remember things that happened after my last post.

I do know we spend a lot of time packing.

Corey got the opportunity to preach at Breckenridge Lutheran Church to fill in for their pastor while he was on vacation. It also gave the congregation a chance to meet someone they help support financially.
IMG_1439 IMG_1440

June 27 and 28 Corey, Charlee (who was visiting us), Ella, Anna (Charlee’s dog) and I all went camping with Corey’s mom and grandparents. It rained the WHOLE weekend. Big bummer. We did get a little bit of rain free time where we then spend at the beach/pool at the campground. It was a really nice setup.

Right after that, on Sunday we went to church, then we headed to the cabin for three days. The weather was pretty nice while we were at the cabin. We met my mom, dad, Elizabeth, Raven and Sparrow there! I haven’t seen Elizabeth since our wedding and I have never met Sparrow. It was a tough time for them at the cabin just because of all the activity and what-not but I sure loved being able to see my sister, nephew, and niece. The lake was pretty rough so we didn’t spend a ton of time out on the water. We celebrated mine and Elizabeth’s birthday on the 29th and then Sparrow’s first birthday on the 30th.
IMG_1414 IMG_1386 IMG_1389 IMG_1397 IMG_1419 IMG_1416 IMG_1410 IMG_1407 IMG_1457 IMG_1458 IMG_1460 IMG_1461

From now on my posts might look and sound a little different as we are back to the rind and grind of school. I will, of course continue to post on anything important or special that is going on in our lives but I am going to stray a little bit more from that and go more onto posting about thoughts, prayers, etc. This will become more of a reflection blog with a little bit of our day to day life.

Until next time!

Summer Vacation

It’s been a while since an update- mostly because I’ve been busy/not interested in posting. (Not too much to write about other then the same old same old.) So now, being a month and a few days since I have last posted I think I have PLENTY to share about. Be prepared for a bombardment of events, pictures, and more!

This past weekend, June 20th-22nd, Corey and I went back to my mom and dad’s home. We had given them gifts to a Tailgate dinner and a Saint Paul Saints game for Mother’s Day and my dad’s birthday… it was time to pay up on Friday night. (We had found an awesome Groupon for the event that worked out perfectly!) We had a good time, for the most part. Saints got totally bombed. It was my parents first time at a Saints game, a little different then the Twins.

On Saturday Corey and I began the adventure of painting the in-law apartment attached to my parent’s home (that’s where we will be living for the nine months of school Corey has left). Hopefully, after he graduates in May he will have a placement for a first call and we will be off to that. Crazy to think that that is less than a year away. Corey is mostly done with his Master’s of Divinity and will very soon be a pastor. We are all so proud of him. Back to painting, we only got one room done over the weekend because on top of painting we went to Charlee’s annual family potluck with a new group she is involved in called Homeward Bound. Here’s the link to the website. It’s a really incredible opportunity for her- being she loves to act, sing, and dance! I’m so excited for her and what God is going to do through her.

During our trips home miss Adalynn is getting to know Corey better… she no longer screams and cries when he holds her, instead she goes to sit right next to him and cuddles him. Ella also gets a lot of social interaction with other dogs (she’s still trying to get used to having three dogs around instead of just her and Buddy). Charlee now has a dog, Anna. She is a very sweet dog who is keeping Charlee great company for the most part.


Last week, June 16th-19th, and this week, June 23rd-26th, I am subbing for summer school. I am taking over the middle school science class. We are having a lot of fun, trying to keep it light-hearted, entertaining, and somewhat science related. I am really enjoying the experience and am learning a lot. It really makes me miss the teaching side of things… but after working in the public school system I know I do not want to teach for a career. The administration side of teaching really seems to cause a lot of problems and make a lot of teachers upset. I want to teach- but not deal with the other stuff. Maybe I will just continue subbing… who knows. I’ve just enjoyed this experience for now.

June 6th-14th I was back in the cities visiting my family. Corey came with June 6th and 7th and then headed back for church Sunday, then he came back again on the 12th after he was done with work. On the 6th we visited with Corey’s mom and his sister. We had dinner and then stayed to chat for a while. It was nice. Ann really treated us to an amazing dinner. Kayla and Ann were hosting Molly’s (one of Corey’s cousins) bridal shower Saturday so they showed off all they have planned and talked about all their ideas. I think it turned out to be a fun event. I wasn’t able to attend though, I was busy hosting my own shower for my cousin LeAnn. My mom and I hosted a baby shower for her and baby Finley. LeAnn was in town visiting from Colorado so that Finley could meet everyone. I was so blessed to get some extra special time with the little man… he is definitely an adorable guy and I certainly did not want to hand him back. But, at least I knew he was in good hands with his amazing momma (who got married yesterday- June 21st-to a wonderful man). The shower was very nice- I got the impression that everyone enjoyed it. Usually the aunts throw the shower but I really wanted to help out with it this time. LeAnn is a very special cousin of mine. So, my mom and I decided we would just take care of everything and let it still be a shower from the aunts. I wish I would have taken pictures but I was so busy with all the shower details. We served a waffle bar and yogurt bar, had a Monster’s Inc. theme. (My mom was amazing and found a whole bunch of Monster’s Inc. decorations.) We played a Nursery Rhyme Quiz, The Price is Right Baby Shower Version, and filled out wishes for baby Fin.

I stayed in Shakopee over the week for one VERY special reason- Charlee graduated high school on June 11th. I can’t believe that she is already at that stage in her life. I remember when she was this spunky little girl who drove me up the wall. She sure has blossomed into a beautiful, smart, intelligent lady I am honored to call my new sister. I have always considered her my sister but for the past two+ months I have enjoyed officially welcoming her into our family. I enjoy our time together. She makes me laugh and (I think) I make her laugh. We have a lot of good discussions about life and all things. It’s really fun to have someone around to have those conversations with.

**Charlee- if you are reading this- I love you so much and honestly can’t imagine not having you in our family. You are special to each and everyone of us… even if we don’t show that all the time.

I’ll just post a few pictures of her graduation on here… I have a lot of pictures.




While I was home I got to have some Adalynn time, visit with Brandy twice, and go get a new tattoo which I love.



On June 12th my grandma moved into assisted living. This is a great opportunity, not only for her but for my mom. As much as my mom loves my grandma it has been exhausting for her to be my grandma’s 24/7 caregiver. She has worried about my grandma very consistently while my grandma was living in the apartment… Would she fall? Would she faint? Would she turn off the stove? Would she burn out the candles before they burned down the house? Etc. Now my grandma is in a much safer environment where she can interact with people on a daily basis instead of seclude herself to her home and become lonely. She has a very nice, new apartment. My grandma is the first person to live in the space and she has quickly made it her own. It’s a nice little one bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a large bathroom. If my grandma ever needs help reaching a cupboard, making the bed, getting her shoes on, etc. someone will be there to help her out. How nice is that?!

Let see… now onto the time I was home before that… May 27th-30th. I was home then to visit. Charlee and I kept ourselves busy while everyone was at work and doing there thing. On the 28th Charlee and I went to Chutes and Ladders with Adalynn. I think Charlee had more fun than Adalynn. It was fun to watch Adalynn try to climb up and down all the things there was. She also had a little sprinkler park that she could run through- it was very difficult to get her out of that. She sure does love water. Too bad there were so many big kids in the way. On the 29th Charlee and I went to Como Park to visit the Conservatory and the Zoo. It was toasty warm but not unbearable. After the Zoo we went to Key’s Cafe and she took a nap on the way home. Also, for dinner I went to Ann’s house and she treated me to Mexican food. We chatted for a while and talked about a lot of things. It was nice to have some quiet visiting time. On Friday the 30th Charlee and I went shopping (there’s not much I love more than shopping). I think my love of shopping has spread onto Charlee. Oops. Oh well. I’m teaching her the value of window shopping (or at least I hope I am). The pictures I am posting from this week are only a tiny tiny bit of the pictures I took from the week. Just trying to show a small recap of what we did and the smiles we had.




On May 24th Ella and I went and visited at the cabin. My dad was there, Corey was in the cities, and I had nothing more to do other than clean. So, Ella and I took the 2 hour trip to the cabin to visit with everyone there. It was a work day. Two trees were cut down and they were in the process of building a new shed when I was leaving. It was a pretty nice visit. Ella got to meet a new dog (one of the neighbors had a dog who Ella loved). I got to see Nikki’s kids- boy do I miss them. Lilly was very excited to see me…. but she was off very quickly to play with Savanna and my other cousin Emily. (What can I say, Emily is a great name.) I helped out some with cutting up the pieces of a tree and putting them in a pile- it was a gigantic tree.

After helping I went fishing with two cousins, two aunts, and one of my cousins friends while my dad babysat Ella at the cabin. I bet you can guess how many fish the six of us caught. That’s right. None! I’m going to guess I bring bad luck because the next day they went out and they caught a lot of fish without me there. On our way to the lake to fish we had an exciting moment. I saw, back in the trees, some black things moving. I thought maybe dogs… but why would there be dogs in the trees. Soon, I realized it was a bear. Even more exciting it was a bear and her two cubs. Really adorable, really dangerous. We pulled over to take some pictures (because really, how often do you see that).

After fishing Ella and I headed back home. Ella was exhausted, of course. She got a lot of fresh air and slept in the passenger seat of the explorer, right next to me. It was very sweet. I certainly do love my dog, that’s for sure. It was a nice day-trip. I always enjoy seeing my dad and most of my family. Ha. It had been a while since I saw some of the people that were at the cabin. It was a tough year to get to family events with Corey’s work schedule and my work schedule.





May 23rd was our LAST day of school for the year. I have to be honest, it was bitter sweet, but not as sad as I expected. I knew that I would only be here for one year so I really tried hard to not get attached to anyone. I did get attached to the staff I worked with. The crew that was in my room was amazing! I will definitely, and do, miss them a lot. They are great friends.

The last day consisted of going to the beach and just hanging out. The beach was very eventful… if you’d like to know more message me and I will let you know about it.

As far as Corey’s internship… it’s coming to a close. Honestly, I am very excited because that means we get to go back to civilization! Corey has had, and is having, a very good experience at Zion. The people at Zion have made many comments about how Corey is ready to go be a pastor of a church- so that’s good news. We were really blessed that Corey got this placement with Pastor Dale, he’s been a great teacher for Corey. Along with Pastor Dale, the congregation has been really great for Corey in teaching him and supporting him. Next Sunday, June 29th, he preaches. Corey has July 6th off. July 12th Corey will be preaching at a church in Breckenridge, MN (spelling). After that I’m not sure what the schedule is for his preaching schedule. July 27th is his last day and we will be moving the same day (or at least our stuff will be moving… it depends how much cleaning we have left to do).

We took off June 30th-July 6th so we can do some things. Right after church on the 29th we will be headed off to the cabin with Charlee and the two dogs. We will be meeting my parents, Elizabeth, Raven and Sparrow at the cabin. This will be my first time meeting Sparrow and I’m very excited to meet her. We will be at the cabin until the 3rd probably. After the cabin we will be off too South Dakota to celebrate the 4th with Corey’s mom, aunt, uncle and maybe some other people (I don’t really know who will all be there). On the 5th one of Corey’s family member will be getting married. We will be headed back to Pelican after that sometime.

This next weekend, June 27-29 we will be camping at Buffalo River State Park with Corey’s mom and grandparents. This will be an adventure. We have never been to this state park but I looked at pictures and it looks like a nice place. Charlee and Anna will be coming with us too. Sunday morning Corey will leave the campsite early so he can get to church on time to preach. Charlee and I will be on our own to pack up the tent and all our stuff and leave the campsite at about 8:30 or so to get to church on time. Corey’s mom and grandparents will probably join us. After church… that’s when we will head to the cabin. So… we are very busy this coming weekend.

Well, I think that’s it for this post. Until next time!


Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (1 Pet 5:7)


Let the Countdown Begin

Wow! It’s been a month since I last updated- yes, life has been that uneventful! Hah. With not too much going on, I didn’t feel like updating the blog.

I’ll just work back, as usual (it just seems the easiest).

There are 7 school days left! I can’t believe it’s already end of school time. I have really enjoyed working at the Detroit Lakes Middle School. I have had some great experiences and met some great people. I will be sad on the last day, that’s for sure. During the summer I plan to sub for teachers in summer school. It won’t be a ton, but it will be enough and it will give me the freedom to make my own schedule and not have to worry about “taking time off” for trips, holidays, etc. In June I will be going home for almost a week. June 7th is my cousin’s baby shower (which I’m so excited about) and June 11 is a graduation I will be attending. So that leaves June 8th, 9th, and 10th free for anyone who wants to get some “Emily Time” or for me to get some quality time with people I love and miss.

This past weekend, for Mother’s Day Weekend, my parents came to visit. My dad and Corey working on putting a new radiator in the Explorer (which we’ve just been holding off on, it was finally time to just do it) while my mom and I went shopping. We definitely shopped til we dropped! I can’t wait to get Twin Cities malls… the Fargo Mall is pretty lame. Oh well. It was nice for girl time. For dinner I made a Chicken Garden Alfredo. It’s really yummy. (I’ll post it on the bottom of this post.) Sunday was pretty cold and cloudy so we just played a game after church. For lunch we went to a diner/cafe in Detroit Lakes- I would not recommend it. The food was ok (nothing you couldn’t get anywhere else), the corn was canned, the service was terrible. Ella and Buddy played as usual while my family was here.


We are taking lots of walks and runs during the week. The lake is looking very tempting- too bad I don’t have a boat. It’s nice the weather is FINALLY going to be getting nice (sometime). It can’t be cold forever… RIGHT?


Let’s see… what else has been going on…

Corey has been working (the normal amount for the most part). He goes to meetings, participates in synod stuff (which they have something this weekend Friday and Saturday), and is taking part in choir (more for the experience then anything).

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of Ella. She’s very lazy. She likes to sleep and lay around.


On April 27th we celebrated our First Anniversary! A year flew by incredibly fast. We have done a lot in that time. The saying, “time flies when you’re having fun” is extremely true. I must be honest though, there has definitely been more good than bad but, not everything has been wonderful (not that we argue a lot- just it hasn’t all been easy). We have had some hard times… adjusting to sharing everything, adjusting to new places, learning to depend on each other more than others…

For our first anniversary we went to Chase on the Lake in Walker, MN. We got a great deal… half off! We went Thursday night after work and stayed just the night. It SNOWED on the way there. Yuck. I took Friday off. Ella had a baby sitter (some great people from Zion). Walker is a pretty uneventful town in the fall, winter, and spring but it was still nice to get away from Pelican Rapids for a night. On Friday we went shopping around the town to basically all the shops that were open. It was kind of fun… I love all those little boutique shops. They are so cute.


We have been doing a lot of hiking at Maplewood State Park.


I also went fishing!


Well… I think that’s it for this update. School’s done in 7 days, our internship is done in 2 1/2 months. And, I’m ready to be back in the cities.

Until next post.

Three Months Left!

We have almost hit the home-run stretch. Phew. I’m ready to go home and be with my friends and family for the time being.

Yesterday while I was talking on the phone my mom got into a car accident. Someone pulled out in front of her and she hit them. No one is hurt, everyone is ok. The car is, on the other hand, not ok. The airbag deployed and the horns blew. I was extremely scared and nervous. While on the phone my mom quickly said that she had to go and all I heard was horns blaring. She called back about 30 seconds later, crying, telling me to call dad and that she had been in an accident and told me kind where she was at. I was scared. I’m glad she is ok and no one got hurt in the ordeal- but it was just very scary for me, and I’m sure for her.

On Friday (4/11) Corey and I went home to visit. My mom had been asking if we could come home and Friday/Saturday seemed to work for us. My mom, Charlee, Corey, Adalynn, and I went to Perkins for breakfast Saturday. After Perkins we stopped at How Quaint. They have adorable things! It’s full of antiques and some handmade items. My mom found some things for her house for a wall she is putting together with silver platters and plates. It will look great when she’s done! After that Corey headed to visit with his mom and Charlee, my mom, and I went shopping to get new swim suits at Kohl’s. (Thanks mom for the new, cute swim suit.) After getting those we headed to The Y to workout. I had so much fun that when Corey and I move back we will be getting a membership! Maybe I can get a VERY part-time job there (or work in their early learning center) so I can get free membership. We will see what happens. After working out we headed back home to pick up Becca and went for a “spa day.” We got medis and pedis. It was so nice to be pampered. I got two shades of purple on my nails- a dark purple on my toes and light purple on my fingers. After our spa day we went shopping to get some last minute Easter basket stuff. On the way home we picked up pizza and had that for dinner, then Corey and I were headed back to Pelican.


ImageImageOver the last week we did not do a whole lot- we spent a lot of time outside while the weather was nice. Since Sunday it has been very cold! Back to winter. Spring just gave us a tease. I am hoping by Sunday the weather will be warm again. We will see what God decides to through at us I guess.







Last weekend (04/05/14) Corey and I decided to go to Bemidji to explore. Originally we were going to go to Itasca State Park but we figured it was going to be extremely muddy with all the melting so we kept on going straight to Bemidji. We took a walk around town and explored statues of Babe and Paul Bunyan.







Well, not much to write about so until next time!